Establishing Accountability Among Web Contractors

Ensuring that your money spent on web development and website marketing is well spent. Providing our clients with finite measurements pertaining to their websites. We are focused on our clients.

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Our Mission

Provide web contractor accountability services for clients to ensure their money is being well spent on every project Web Contractor Accountability is involved with. Create a profit for clients in conjunction with Web Contractor Accountability to ensure the success of both parties and their stockholders.


Every web contractor becomes enlightened about our services and begins conducting business in an accountable manner, on their own, by providing their clients with finite measurement of their work from the beginning of a contracted project.

Our Promise to You

Web Contractor Accountability makes a promise to the client and small businessperson. Our principles will not take on too many clients, which usually results in bad service, or less than adequate service. Our principles are committed to serving every client perfectly and our company will stop taking on clients if we feel we are becoming overloaded, and not doing our job perfectly. Web Contractor Accountability has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our company cannot help you, we will tell you immediately upon the information becoming evident to Web Contractor Accountability.

Our Background

Web Contractor Accountability was founded by two highly motivated individuals one having earned a PhD and the other a MBA, currently we are a group of talented individuals concerned with helping the average businessperson that: owns a website; wants to build or market a website; desires to promote their business via social networks; and, markets their website and business become successful by holding web developers and marketers accountable for the work they are contracted to perform.

Over several years of contracting from the desks, lances, and freelance type organizations, they have found a large need for accountability and measurement from web contractors. If there was an Americana analogy they could place on web contractors they would say, “Most web contractors are typically like used-car salespersons.”

One of the principles has hundreds of hours paid on two separate web contracting websites and ended up with over 1000 errors, concerning proper techniques of SEO and development, on one single website with 36 pages. These errors are not visible to the average eye but they will leave a website siting at or near the bottom of the rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing forever. He was promised first page placement on Google several times, from several contractors, and it never happened.

Three years ago, the principles went to work to solve this problem. They worked on it emphatically, and non-stop, for 12 hours a day at least six days a week, and sometimes seven days a week until they found the answer on how to hold web contractors accountable from the day a web contractor starts, not weeks, or months.

The principles of the company then went to work on the desks, the lances, and the freelance type companies and started trying to recruit their contractors. They found that not even 10% of the contractors had the appropriate tools to do the job they are promising the client and they were promising results that require these tools. After 60 interviews to hire web contractors, the principles found TWO web contractors that could do their job.

With numbers as stated in the previous paragraph the principles decided to move forward and do the right thing for small businesses who are already suffering through this tech crunch. The best job in the world, to the principles of Web Contractor Accountability, is to help the average businessperson, while making a profit so they can support their families and create jobs in the economy.