Know If Your Web Contractor Is Doing Their Job Immediately

Make sure you do not get ripped off - Time is of the essence! Most developer, marketers, SEOs, SMOs, and SEMs will tell you it takes 3-6 months to see results. Going out on a limb for 3-6 months and trusting a web contractor, in light of the fact the majority of them do not do fulfill their contracts, is too much risk for the average businessperson. Let WCA negotiate with your developer on your behalf or provide you the information to do it yourself. Either way, you have no more wasted money, and no more ambiguity!

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We Take The Guesswork Out of The Decision

You Will Not Get Ripped Off

Is your web contractor bilking you for money with no apparent results of any significance? WCA understands you perfectly. After years of being bilked for money we went back to school and retrained ourselves to specifically hold web contractors accountable.

Hiring a web contractor is difficult to say the least. If you do not understand how to develop and market websites then you are probably lost. We know how to develop and market websites but we choose not to because we want to hold the web contractors, who choose to develop and market, ACCOUNTABLE.

We run several types of proprietary software and give you the details most webmasters do not want you to see. Once you, as our client, see these results, we will discuss the best strategy with you.

Our strategies are based on the latest releases from Google, Yahoo, Bing and a myriad of other resources. We share the resources with you. We tell you what kind of a scans we are running. We give you and your web contractor a plan and monitor your contractor to ensure implementation of the plan.

Your web contractor will be forced to face the truth and do their job, in full, as represented, on time, with every detail included.

We would never interfere with your relationship with you web contractor. We will supply objective data to you and your developer so you may monitor whether your web contractor is helping you reach your goal of top placement on major search engines, with an optimized site, and well placed words, tags, titles, and links plus much more.

Keeping up with the plethora of changes that Google makes on a monthly basis is a full-time job. As business owners, we understand that your time needs to be spent running your business, not wondering if business is ever going to pick up IF your website climbs in the rankings. Better yet, “Do I have to get an IT degree to understand if I am being taken for my money because I see very little results?

WCA is the first company of its kind to hit the market with innovative software and procedures for checking the status of everything your web contractor does. We are committed to helping our clients get through the toughest part of business, Internet Presence and Marketing.

If you are one of the millions of businesses who are being taken advantage of please give us a call and we will create and give you a preliminary report plus spend 30 minutes on the phone with you for $99.00 USD. We know you will be impressed and you will hire us to develop a plan to monitor your web contractor.

We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money immediately. However, our clients are always satisfied because we show everyone of our clients where MAJOR improvements can be made to increase their Internet Presence.

If you are not 100% sure of what your web contractor does with the time they are supposed to be spending on your site then it is likely you are being taken for a large portion of the money you are paying them.

If you are starting a new website project and want the right foundation for marketing, the right site, and compliance with search engines, WCA is the right company for you!

We represent you as a client and give you extremely valuable information on day one!