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When Implemented Properly, SEO, SEM, and SMO Strategies Provide Measurable Changes and Dramatically Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Are you having issues with your SEO, SEM, SMO and the marketing of your website? Has nearly every web contractor or company you have ever dealt with taken your money and produced very little or NOTHING? Are you feeling stressed, irritated, overwhelmed, or taken advantage of?

Web Contractor Accountability is here and we will help! Lets start with some industry standard jargon and then we will explain our services and how our clients are never going to pay one more penny for a bad web contractor.

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Website construction and development that ensures your website / webpage is returned when a related query of a search engine is performed.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION (SMO): Using up-to-date practices to develop and maintain a presence on social networks and the strategic interaction with a target demographic.
  • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM): Part of the strategy to promote your website within search engine databases that includes paid advertising.
  • WEBSITE MARKETING: A complete package that combines both SEO and SMO strategies.

With the above terminology in mind, many web contractors never build a site, from the foundation to the roof, with SEO, SMO, and SEM in mind. It is imperative from the very beginning that a website is built with marketing in mind. Metaphorically, we all know what happens to the person that builds a house with no foundation. The house is inexpensive and the person is happy for the first few months until the cracks in the walls start to show, the rainy season comes, and finally the wind comes and knocks the house down. The person who built their house with no foundation thought they were going to take a shortcut and save money. They were happy at first but then they realized what a monumental mistake they made by not putting the extra money into the house right from the beginning.

Many web contractors are cheap in price and produce a cheap product. That is perfectly fine if it fits your business model. We take on small and large clients with the idea that our small clients will grow with us and our big clients cannot do without us.

If you own a small website and want to check it out for technical flaws, get a list of recommendations, and speak with a live person who is extremely knowledgeable, then you have arrived at the right website.

Web Contractor Accountability is very reasonably priced and we will give you information that no other developer or marketer will dare give you. We understand that you are probably not interested in becoming a web developer or a web contractor; but, you want to be able to measure the results of the web contractor you are paying. Typically, the web contractors rely upon "the analytics" and admit that the changes that they make today may not be reflected in the analytics for 3 to 6 months. This could be very troublesome if they are not making the proper changes or in some cases not doing a single thing to your website and just "stringing you along" during this time.

Our limited time offer is $99.00 for a preliminary report and 30 minutes on the phone with a knowledgeable SEO, SEM, SMO and marketing consultant. We are a relatively small company so you will be speaking with someone who knows the details. We will give you a report of your sites strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, trends, and threats.

Our $99.00 preliminary report will give you a chance to get to know us. We want you to try us out before you decide if you want to have a lasting relationship with us. We also want to ensure that we are able to help you and your business within the means of your budget.

If you are thinking about building a website, marketing a website, or social media, we can monitor the progress, negotiate contracts, help you find contractors willing to be accountable, and ensure your success on the world wide web.